Full flat electric switches

Schneider electric ULTImate switches for the individuals who look for the high fashion in space outline. With its ultra-clean lines, smoothly chic square profile and right away identifiable round dollies, ULTI mix two differentiating geometries to make a cutting-edge effortlessness of exceptional freshness. The outline additionally offers the greatest degree to exhibit the collaboration of shading, material and complete in a standard-sized divider plate.


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Customized shower Enclosures – Wide choice of designs and configuration

Whether you prefer traditional metallic designs or contemporary, minimalistic ones, Kohler shower enclosures has the right look for you. You can choose from a variety of shapes and opening types to suit your bathroom.

All the Kohler hinges are tester over 1,00,000 f times to assure the quality. they have adjustability feature to accommodate the bathroom walls imperfections.
To provide the stability, smoothness and noiseless sliding, there is a combination of stainless steel bearings and high quality engineered resin wheels are used.
Highest quality toughened glass is another specialty. There is no compromise on safety as it follows a strict process. The specially coated glass makes it easy to clean the surface.

Stunningly beautiful design with minimum metal and heavy-duty hinges

Screenshot from 2018-03-05 15:14:15

Contemporary design with minimal metal and sleek hinges


Elegant and stylish design made with durable hardware


Bold design with frameless sliding door and stainless steel hardware


Minimalistic European sliding design with sleek, understand metal elements


Classical sliding shower enclosure with bright metal frames


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How to create a spa-style bathroom


It is better to have a spa-style bathroom in your own home. The following are the things to be considered while designing your bathroom.

1. Material things
Spas are relaxing it allows you to unwind and bring closer to nature. Wood and stone materials will helps to produce this effect. This makes a striking contrast along with a luxury feeling.

2. Colors
Earthy color has a soothing effect and it can be given to floor and finishes. The white color is also good enough to make the room bigger while giving a relaxing spa effect. The use of natural lights from window provides an ideal way of carrying this sense of nature. All natural elements can be included pebbles around the standalone bath or even placing plants suited to the humidity of a bathroom.
3. Opening 3up space
The vanity is one of the most important elements of the bathroom. Aim to have a floating vanity. Not only is this item one of the latest trends, but it also opens up the space below the vanity, creating a feeling of flow which impacts on the ambiance of serenity in the room. Granite and Caesarstone tops complement the vanity while indulging a natural spa style. Consider using a wooden slab as a countertop to go the extra mile to further bring a natural touch to your room.

4. The defining touch

What’s a spa bathroom with a spa bath? An amalgamation of massage jets, heaters, bubble makers, water pumps all adds up to bring a spa bath experience right to the doorstep of your bathroom. Spa bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes: freestanding, drop in and corner baths. The perfect effect for a spa bath would have to be a drop in the bath, having the sense of stepping down into a Jacuzzi like “whirlpool”. Complete the bathroom with a frameless shower that has clear glass and spoils yourself with a top of the range shower mixer system.
5. Accessories
It’s the small things in life that make a difference. Scented candles for the romantic evenings, flowers and plants to bring you even closer to nature. Then there are the spa must-haves: a heated towel rail for your fluffy robes and towels; add soft slippers to take your indulgence a step further. To make your spa experience even more magical add bubble bath, body cream, bath salts, a shower puff and most importantly, CHOCOLATE.


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Kohler Rainfall Shower Heads


A rain shower head is one of the best available kohler bathroom showers which meant to simulate the experience of taking a shower under the rainfall as you guessed. These models often feature various levels of exposure, from a nice gently rainfall to a strong downpour.


Rain shower heads are installed in the ceiling of your bathroom — as opposed to on the wall — and are generally featured in showers with a lot of headroom, which are great for taller people, or if you’re just looking for that aesthetic touch for your new, modern bathroom. Gentle and relaxing, rain shower heads have become quite popular recently.

How to choose perfect toilet ?

The toilet may not be the most glamorous item on your bathroom shopping list, but if you’re revamping the space, you’ll still want it to look stylish.

Kohler Toilets come in a wide range of styles including modern and traditional, as well as designs such as close coupled, back to wall and wall hung, which can make choosing the right type more challenging than you may think. So, to help you choose the perfect toilet, check out our tips and advice.


Before buying a new toilet there are a few things that you need to take into consideration first. Take a look at the style of your bathroom, is it modern or traditional? Determining this will help you choose a toilet that enhances the design of the space. High level toilets are great for creating an authentic traditional look, while wall hung toilets add a smart, contemporary look.

The available space is another important factor too. If you have a small bathroom, there are many modern bathroom accessories available, but if you have a large bathroom, then you have a wider range to choose from.

Another question to ask yourself is, do you plan to keep the toilet in the same place as the existing one, or are you creating a new layout and want to install the loo in a new position? Keeping the toilet in the same place will keep installation costs low, but if you do want to install it in a new position, just bear in mind that extra plumbing work will be required, so make sure to budget for this.

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Tips for Sparkling Faucets

The eye regularly goes to the Kohler bathroom sink faucets as one of the indications of cleanliness in a home. Not to overlook, a newly cleaned fixture that sparkles in the light can influence your modern bathroom fittings to resemble it’s justified regardless of a million! Investigate these tips to make the undertaking of cleaning and looking after them, a great deal less demanding and less difficult.



  • Utilize gentle cleanser answer for keep the chrome surface perfect and free from stores.
  • Give exceptional thoughtfulness regarding consistent cleaning in beach front zones.
  • Clean the overhead tank in any event once in a month.
  • Try not to utilize unforgiving acids coarse cleaning powders, family cleaners or hard scrubbers.
  • Try not to give cleaners a chance to sit or drench on surfaces
  • For showers without Rub IT System clear the spouts by utilizing hindware Cleaning Liquid and a delicate brush
  • To clean the blocked spouts in RUB IT Showers turn on the water, and rub the spouts with a wet finger.
  • Counteract scaling by routinely cleaning the edges and utilizing conditioner for cruel water.
  • Utilize a strainer at the outlet of overhead tank to avert harm of inward fitting parts.

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Landscape Lighting with LED Lights

Your yard is an expansion of your home, so you need it to look similarly as excellent as the inside. The correct scene lighting can enable you to accomplish your coveted look and even extend your living space.


Less is More

When outlining an outside space, consider what you wish to feature. Our eyes are normally attracted to high complexity ranges, so utilizing your open air lights sparingly can really make more dramatization than if you put lights all over the place. In the event that everything is lit up like it’s Christmas, nothing will emerge. Place open air lights deliberately to feature the most wonderful highlights in your yard.

Shading Temperature

Shading temperatures for lighting range from cool to warm. Cool temperature Crompton LED bulbs have a tendency to have a pale blue quality, while warm temperature lights look more golden. While picking outside lighting, dependably pick warm temperature lighting. Warm lighting has an all the more satisfying, characteristic tone, while cool temperature lights can influence your foliage to look debilitated.

Driven Lighting

Driven lighting is a brilliant decision for open air lighting for some reasons:

More Energy Efficient

Accessible in Color Temperatures that Mimic Incandescent Lighting

Longer Life Span

Remains Cooler to the Touch

While it might cost marginally more to buy LED lights Kerala, LED will spare you more cash over the long haul.

Square Deal Electromechanical

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