Crompton LED Lightning

Square Deal welcomes you to the kerala’s largest crompton led showroom. Crompton LED lightnings are now popular in its quality and performance. Crompton Lighting has introduced a new LED product to the industrial market as an efficient replacement for all traditional HID and fluorescent high and low bay lamps. Their electricity consumption less than 50 % of CFLs and fluorescent lamps for the same amount of light. LEDs also are long lasting with a life of about 10-25 years and their performance remains the same throughout their lifetime.



The Crompton led tube lights  are the most latest and  efficient lighting option which is now available from square dealAlthough a little expensive the benefit with LEDs is that it is maintenance free. Once installed, it will not need any repair of change for at least 10 years. Crompton Lamps and luminaries is one among the oldest lamp businesses in the world. A lot of companies manufacturing LED options give replacement warranty for up to 10 years which makes the option even more attractive.Which are now available in kochi from Square Deal lighting Showroom.The Compton luminaries and lamps are available in a range of outputs, sizes, beam angles and programming options to provide the perfect product tailored to the needs of individual lighting schemes.There is an extensive range of the crompton lighting fittings in kochi, which are suitable for all industrial applications  including  factories, warehouses, indoor sports areas and other large open spaces with a high demand for efficient lighting.


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