Which is better CFL or LED ?

Now the time has turned and conversation moved to LED lights. Customer wants to learn comparison of CFL and LED lights in easiest way.We can compare these two lighting technologiesby the following criterias.


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Efficiency comparison:

LED bulbs and luminaries have higher efficiency for converting power in to brightness. High efficiency CFLs are also available, but they cost very high. You can replace CFL bulb with LED of half power. It will save 50% of your electricity bill over CFL.

Comparing Life span:

During comparison of LED and CFL light, the very first thing comes to mind is Life. A well built LED light can maintain (70%) of its brightness even after 50000 hours. It doesn’t go off after that, but illumination decrease afterwards. CFL bulb also becomes little dim, but after its life (8000-10000 hrs), it goes dark.


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