LED Lights – Better Option For Store

Lighting is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to retail stores. LED lights in kerala could be just the thing to help you boost sales and save energy.

LEDs are the most energy efficient choice when it comes to lighting and the bigger your store, the more savings you’ll make but choosing LEDs for your store can do a lot more than cut your energy bills.

With Crompton LED lights you can choose the colour temperature of the lights. Daylight and Cool White would be the best colour choice for your retail store. The brightness of the light has been shown to make people feel more awake, lifting their mood and could make them stay longer as they won’t have a rushed, urgency to leave as tired people can have. It can also boost the happiness of your staff resulting in more productivity and an increased chance of sales.

Another good reason to choose Cool White and Daylight is if you’re selling clothes or jewellery the colour of the light will show the true colours of the clothes and will produce the best sparkle from your jewellery. LEDs provide a better quality light and have a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) which means they are better for seeing the true colours of objects. Research has also shown that lights with a high CRI cast a more flattering light making customers feel better in the clothes/jewellery/make-up. As most LEDs have such a high CRI many manufacturers don’t include them in the description – so don’t worry if there isn’t a CRI rating, the light quality will still remain high.

Even though the colour of the Daylight and Cool White light is bright bringing a slight dimming to the lights can be a good idea as too bright can be too daunting and a slightly dimmer light results in a more relaxed shopping attitude and helps to draw attention to products you want to showcase.



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