Beyond Ordinary Wash Basins

A wash basin catches the first impression of your home more specifically your bathroom, toilet, living room and more. In hotels, restaurant and commercial complexes a wash basin is more than a sink to wash hands. Many people visits your place and lasting an impression on your guest. So while choosing the right matching wash basin is very important.  Square Deal offers a wide range of Kohler wash basins in its Kohler showroom in kochi

1.Vessel lavatories


The Kohler vessel lavatories are more similar to chinese wash basins. The finest finishing of the inside and outside surface make it so elegant. Another feature is there is no faucet hole in this wash basins so it need a counter or wall mount faucet.

2. Vanity Top Lavatories


Kohler vanity-top sinks Designed to coordinate with vanities and console tables as well as industry-standard bathroom furniture,provide a one-piece counter and basin solution.It offer a clean, fluid profile, lasting performance and design solutions of singular beauty.

3. Artistic Range


The Briolette glass sink displays a uniquely faceted shape inspired by the precisely cut surfaces of precious stone. Gently curved walls highlight the natural textural qualities of glass and create a striking reflective effect. No faucet holes; requires wall- or counter-mount faucet.

4. Semi Recessed Lavatories


5.  Undercounter Lavatories


These sinks mount beneath the counter to create a smooth counter-to-basin transition.Sleek style and ease of cleaning give this installation type its appeal.

6.  Self -Rimming  


Kohler self-rimming lavatories have rolled edges that can be placed directly over the countertop openings.

7. Pedestal Lavatories


A stand-alone fixture, the pedestal sink features a generous basin available in multiple
sizes and styles to complement other fixtures. These sinks offer a clean, distinctive look
that works well in small bathrooms, making a small space feel more open.


View more types of Kohler wash basins at:



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