Things Considered while Purchasing Electric Switches and Sockets

When choosing new electric switches and sockets , have a clear understanding of what terms mean. Often people will select an outlet not realizing that these come in several variations. Do you need a Decora
tive outlet (the large, block style rectangular opening for two receptacles) or a duplex outlet (for two slightly rounded plugs on one device)?



Consider Updating Your Current Devices
The trend in devices is to use decorator switches, outlets and dimmers. There are several benefits to selecting these. First, all devices fit into the same size opening, limiting the variety of plate shapes needed. A light switch, an outlet or a dimmer could easily be interchanged allowing more flexibility if last minute changes are required.
The switches are also easier to use for the elderly or mobility challenged. Visually, the Schneider electric products give a more cohesive look because of the standardized shape.

Access and Usability
If it would be convenient to turn on a light from more than one location, then a 3-way or 4-way switch would be required. Devices that control a single location are referred to as single pole devices. A three way device allows a light to be controlled from two switch locations. A four-way device allows control from three separate switch locations. Be sure to confirm with your electrician whether multi-pole devices can be installed in the desired locations. Another popular option is to install dimmers that allow lighting to be adjusted according to mood.

Colors and Finishes
Look around your room to determine what colors would best blend. If you’ll be updating the colors in a room, would the current devices seem out of place? For example, if you have white devices on a dark wall, consider replacing the switches, outlets and other devices with a coordinating color. Devices are not manufactured in metal finishes (a safety hazard as metal devices would conduct electricity), so select the color the best matches the switch plates you intend to use. You should be able to find many device options in white, almond, ivory, black, brown and grey. Most device colors have both gloss or satin options so you can select the finish that best coordinates with the switchplates in which they’ll be installed. Satin devices tend to hide fingerprints better.

Most residential devices are 15A, but on occasion a 20A device may be appropriate. Keep in mind how many appliances will be plugged in at a certain location and how much power each of them draws. 15A devices can be plugged into a 20A outlet, but not visa versa. Some homes are wired for low voltage devices which must be specifically requested.

Safety Considerations
A device is usually required if it is near a water source. These devices have a reset button and are designed to cut the power if overloaded. Check your local building codes to confirm where they may be required.

Current Requirements
In an effort to improve safety and efficiency, local building codes are continually updated. Any changes you make may need to meet current requirements, so be sure to confirm choices with your electrician and planning department first.

Order Devices After All Decisions Have Been Made
Wait until the project is nearly finished before orderin
g these electric products in kochi. Many companies selling electrical devices are able to ship quickly, so there is no need to buy too far in advance of the date required unless you are needing very large quantities.

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