Top 10 Reasons why retailers prefer LED Lighting

There are a lot of good reasons that LED lighting is becoming so very attractive to retailers, which range from saving money to increasing sales. If you have delayed making the switch from incandescent lamps and fixtures because you are busy, not sure how to go about it, concerned about the upfront costs and aren’t convinced that making the changes would be worth it, consider asking a lighting designer for advice.

Professionals lighting designers can show you how to upgrade your store lighting to begin reaping the benefits of LED lighting with a reasonable or a gradual outlay of money.

These are some top reasons LED lighting is preferable:

1: Save Money

One of the top reasons LED lighting is so attractive to retailers is because it allows them to save electricity and as a result save money. Compared to incandescent lamps, LED lamps run on one-third the electrical power and, compared to halogen lamps, one thirtieth of the electrical power. After the initial cost of upgrading to LED lighting has been recouped, you can expect 70% or more savings on your former electrical costs.

2: Great Performance

Crompton LED bulbs last 10 times longer than incandescent lamps and 10 to 15 times longer than CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). Retailers also save money by not having to physically replace burnt out lamps.

3: Safety

LED lamps emit little or no UV rays, so the use of the lamps are less harsh to skin and clothes. They don’t flicker, which means they are less damaging to eyesight. They contain no hazardous solids, liquids or gases and can be disposed of with ordinary garbage. They run on low voltage, which increases electrical safety and reduces fire risk, a particular consideration with holiday lighting.

4: Versality

LED lamps are lightweight; they can be used inside and outside, and are brighter than traditional lighting solutions for building exteriors. They don’t emit radio frequency interference; they can be turned on for immediate light with no warm-up time needed; they are dimmable and they produce cold light, which makes them perfect for showcases of goods that need to remain cool such as bakery products.

5: Environmentally Friendly

They help save the environment and our natural resources because they require so much less electricity; disposal is easy because there is no mercury in LEDs and no hazardous waste. They reduce the need for dependence on air conditioning because they remain cool and don’t warm the spaces where they are used.

6: Suitability

Retailers can find the perfect light fixture and lamp and color for every space and every need. Strip lighting and cove lighting are perfect for small, irregular spaces; cool bright lights add sparkle to fine jewels and glassware; dramatic down lights and up lights, warm or cool white or colored lights alter the mood and draw customer attention; and bright vertical uniform lighting is perfect for large areas.

There is LED lighting to make task performance easier, such as change rooms and cashier locations, and well-chosen LED lighting allows the customer to assess color and textures of materials and clothing, as well as make food appear more appetizing and appealing.

7: Resilience

Crompton LED panels are very durable and almost impossible to break, and jarring does not harm them. They are rust proof and fully operational in all kinds of weather, which is important for outdoor lighting.

8: Incandescent Phase Out

In 2012, the USA government passed the law that requires the use of incandescent lamps to be phased out and replaced with LED lamps in order to reduce the use of electricity and the subsequent drain on our natural resources. The deadline for replacement has been extended, but the law is going to be enforced at some point. The import of incandescent lamps from other countries is no longer legal, and retail outlets that continue to use stockpiled incandescent lamps identify themselves as lacking interest in the protection of the environment.

9: Design Impact

Versatile LED lighting can improve your image with up-to-date lighting designs that reinforce your brand identity and appeal to your target market, whether it is the wealthy buyer looking for upscale products, young people looking for the latest trends in everything, health conscious customers, bargain hunters and all the various types of customers.

10: Increased Sales 

Choosing the most appropriate LED lights in Kerala can draw customers into your retail outlet, create a good first impression, guide customers through the store, focus attention on specialty products, make prices and instructions visible and easy to read, appeal to your target market, make merchandise easy to evaluate, assist in making purchase decisions and provide a pleasant and efficient checkout.

Ask a professional for help in making the right lighting decisions. LED lighting will not only save you money and save the environment, but also it is the key to supplying all the necessary elements for a happy shopping experience for your customers, one that will be reflected in increased sales.


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