Add little luxury to your bathroom



1.Lighting inside

Illumination is important for grooming and quick no-nonsense mornings. However, all this fades away when you set aside special time to float away in the soothing warmth of your bathtub. And nothing quite sets the mood then strategically positioned Crompton LED lights, bringing a soft glow into your space while allowing you to enjoy the serenity of soft light.

LED lightig works well under vanity counters. If you bathroom has a step, a LED light can be used on the underside. This lightig finds the perfect harmony between providing sufficient lightig to be able to see while still allowing the intimacy and cocoon effect of shadows.

Other lights can be subdued with a dimming switch, ushering in a gentle serenity to the room.

2. Seating arrangements

Introducing soft furnishings usually reserved for other areas of your home brings a cosy feel to the bathroom, softening any angular modern lines. Add plush rugs and gossamer curtains.

To further entrench this touch of luxe, add a set of matching upholstered chairs and a small table. And depending on the finish, size, and shape, additional seating can give additional layers of texture and depth to the room. This also makes an ideal spot to unwind before your bath or even a perfect place to add your nail polish before painting the town red.

If you have the space, an ottoman can add elegance to your space. You can even make this a centrepiece of the room, using a round, low-level ottoman as a welcoming touch which provides the perfect excuse to spend extra time, bringing a feeling of delicious comfort which enhances your experience of the space. And as if this is not enough, why not introduce a chandelier directly above the ottoman to draw further attention to this area as the centre of luxury of the room.

3. Good scents

Organising your toiletries creates a de-cluttered look, opening up the space in the room. Moreover, expensive scents can bring a luxurious feel create an indulgent spa-like feel in the room.

This ambience can be further continued with beautiful scented candles, setting the scene for an indulgent long soak, while the muted lighting serves to soothe away any tensions from the day. As an added bonus, you get to savour the delightful fragrance, courtesy of the twinkling candles.

4. True reflections

Used strategically, a mirror has huge impact on the bathroom space. Especially if the mirror is taken from wall to wall, it is an ideal way to cut down on the cost of tiling with expanding the room with its three- dimensional effect.

Additionally, the mirror reflects light, further opening up the room, while the tile finishes in the rest of the room can be seen in the mirror too, creating a panoramic view of the whole with best bathroom accessories.

5. Finishes

Most bathroom designers will tell that if you want to create a big impact in your bathroom, then you must start with your floor finish. There are various ways to do just that with lavish finishes such as wood, glass, marble and porcelain to make a bathroom fit for royalty.

And while wall to wall tiling has luxury written all over it, you can achieve the same effect by creating a floor ‘tapestry’ with a few square metres of patterned tile or eye-catching mosaic detail. The remainder of the floor space can then be filled with a large format tile which complements the central tile pattern and helps to establish the central finish as a focal point in the room.

7. Furnish with love

Furniture plays a vital role in bringing the final extravagant touch to the bathroom. Think freestanding bathtubs, showers with a feature wall and rain shower head, If you are looking to create an impression.

Of course, you will also need to invest in a vanity which brings sophistication to the room, further streamlining the space by providing an additional storage option.

Other additions include modern bathroom accessories such as a heated towel rail, chic bath and shower caddies, thick plush mats and towelling that adds an extravagant dimension to the room.

The kohler bathroom accessories  offers you a space to enjoy quiet – somewhere which is your private haven. This is your space where you get to relax, away from the demands of daily life, drifting on a soft cloud of bubbles to a place of peace, quiet as you indulge in the luxury of well-deserved time out.


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