Tips for Small Bathroom


Designing a small bathroom can be tricky as there are no rules of what can or cannot be included. There are many factors that play a part when selecting styles, finishes and colors for your new space. Important elements such as natural light, floor plan layout and height of ceilings all need to be taken in to consideration.


The style of your new small bathroom should be an extension of the existing home and the transition should look seamless. Consider key features and details of the style and era of the home. For example, if you have a period style home, choose specific colours and features that you can bring into your new bathroom. Use this as a jumping point and then add other favorite pieces to blend the look.
Bold features such as black wall tiles, paint color and square deal, the Kohler showroom in Kochi  bench top have have been specifically introduced to this bathroom to reflect the rest of the home built and designed in the art deco period. The vanity is the statement piece and adds a modern yet classical ambiance to the space.


Selecting bathroom furniture and fixtures can be tricky in a small space. Obviously the piece needs to be the correct size but other factors need to be considered also. This is where your bathroom builder can guide you. They will ensure fixtures will not only fit in their designated spots but will also consider the clearance needed for necessary items such as toilet roll holders, towel rails and powerpoint outlets just to name a few. An expert can also recommend space saving options such as frameless sliding shower screens. They are not only practical but being frameless will appear almost invisible making your bathroom feel more spacious.


In small bathrooms it’s a good idea to opt for a wall-mounted sink or pedestal basin. This will save up a lot of space and give the illusion of a bigger floor area. Of course the downside to this style of vanity is storage. If this is a concern, go for a wall mounted vanity that is recessed off the floor. It will give you the storage you need and still create extra floor space.

Small Details – Maximum Impact!

Small bathrooms allow the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and in a small space simple details can make all the difference. The below bathroom is the perfect example of how the designer has added black detail throughout to accentuate specific elements. In this mainly white bathroom the black detail has been carefully considered in the fixtures forming a consistent and harmonious blend between floor and wall.

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Things to be considered while Buying Kohler Bathroom Fittings in Kochi

Bathroom accessories have the ability to visually transform a bathroom space, as well as add functionality and comfort to its users. Ensure that your bathroom looks well put together, by matching the best bathroom fittings with each other, and that they complement the fittings in the room. You’ll save a plenty of time and running around when you choose a single brand like Kohler which offers a huge range of fittings and accessories.


Basic Elements

Every bathroom that’s worth a design effort needs to have the basic eight items: towel rails, bathroom shelves, toilet paper holders, towel rings, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders, and robe hooks. Ask Square Deal Electromechanical your Kohler showroom in Kochi for the complete range of these basic eight products.

Trust the Brand

The reputation of a good brand makes many things work in your favour. It is more so when you want to buy high quality and expensive bathroom fittings or accessories. Established brands spend a lot on solving the user’s most nagging problems and addressing their important needs.  If you have any problem with your Kohler bathroom accessories they might be ready with a solution quickly. It is always better to go with a reputed brand like Kohler instead of a generic, no-name company that might disappear anytime.

Decide Based On Colors

You want your bathroom pleasing. Color plays a huge role in creating the effect you want to create. It could be softer shades, monotone or an active mix of vibrant colors. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with the overall look and feel of the place and the effect you want to deliver.


If you need a little extra for an additional year of warranty, it’s worth paying for. You don’t want to be annoyed with yourself when you get a huge repair bill later on. If it’s your own house and the fittings seller offers a lifetime warranty, consider getting it if you can afford. This will cut down the high replacement costs in the future.

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Beyond Ordinary Wash Basins

A wash basin catches the first impression of your home more specifically your bathroom, toilet, living room and more. In hotels, restaurant and commercial complexes a wash basin is more than a sink to wash hands. Many people visits your place and lasting an impression on your guest. So while choosing the right matching wash basin is very important.  Square Deal offers a wide range of Kohler wash basins in its Kohler showroom in kochi

1.Vessel lavatories


The Kohler vessel lavatories are more similar to chinese wash basins. The finest finishing of the inside and outside surface make it so elegant. Another feature is there is no faucet hole in this wash basins so it need a counter or wall mount faucet.

2. Vanity Top Lavatories


Kohler vanity-top sinks Designed to coordinate with vanities and console tables as well as industry-standard bathroom furniture,provide a one-piece counter and basin solution.It offer a clean, fluid profile, lasting performance and design solutions of singular beauty.

3. Artistic Range


The Briolette glass sink displays a uniquely faceted shape inspired by the precisely cut surfaces of precious stone. Gently curved walls highlight the natural textural qualities of glass and create a striking reflective effect. No faucet holes; requires wall- or counter-mount faucet.

4. Semi Recessed Lavatories


5.  Undercounter Lavatories


These sinks mount beneath the counter to create a smooth counter-to-basin transition.Sleek style and ease of cleaning give this installation type its appeal.

6.  Self -Rimming  


Kohler self-rimming lavatories have rolled edges that can be placed directly over the countertop openings.

7. Pedestal Lavatories


A stand-alone fixture, the pedestal sink features a generous basin available in multiple
sizes and styles to complement other fixtures. These sinks offer a clean, distinctive look
that works well in small bathrooms, making a small space feel more open.


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Types of Bathroom Showers

Square Deal presents a wide collection of bathroom accessories in kerala

What is a Fixed Showerhead?


A fixed showerhead is mounted onto the divider or roof above head tallness utilizing a shower arm. Fixed showerheads make a polished look, yet because of the way of being appended to the divider they can’t be moved or balanced. This implies you can’t immediate the splash, so in the event that you needed to shower without getting you hair wet or wash a specific piece of your body then you may battle.On the in addition to side, you can without much of a stretch change a fixed showerhead via precisely unscrewing it from the shower arm and afterward just screwing on another.

What is a Hand-Held Showerhead?


Hand-held showerheads, normally known as shower handsets, are connected by a hose and either mounted on a holder or held specifically the hand for substantially more prominent control over the course of the water. At the point when mounted on an unbending riser rail or slide rail pack, a shower handset acts simply like a fixed showerhead. Not at all like a fixed showerhead, the floating activity of a slide rail implies the showerhead can be raised or brought down to suit the stature of the client. The hand-held showerhead can likewise be evacuated for exactness giving along different errands, for example, cleaning the shower zone.

Whichever kind of kohler bathroom showers you select, it is crucial that your decision supplements the style of your restroom inside. Vintage establishments will profit by a period outline, for example, a customary shower rose. Smooth, precise outlines are additionally accessible to suit an all the more front line, moderate look. Lit up showerheads can bring an additional amazing element by giving a light show as well as a few models can even help you gage the water temperature by gleaming certain hues.


Choose best Bathroom Lavatories

A wash basin is the most fundamental part of each family unit bathroom, toilets, business complex, Hotels, eateries, and so forth. They are not quite recently confined to just a sink to wash hands. 100s of individuals visit your place; a look of your bathroom leaves an enduring impact on your visitor’s brain. Yes, it is not just about your corridor/room outline.

On the off chance that arranged legitimately, you can upgrade the look of the best bathroom fittings  and additionally use the bathroom space intelligently.



Diverse sorts of material utilized

Wash bowl can arrive in an assortment of materials. It can be customary earthenware production, porcelain, glass, stone and so on.

A standout amongst the most regularly utilized materials in Washbasin is fired. This customary material gives a striking and polished look to the bowl. Fired wash bowl are anything but difficult to spotless, impervious to recoloring, eco-accommodating and furthermore practical.

They are exceptionally strong and dependable. While introducing ‘over the counter’ wash bowl, fired is anything but difficult to hold when contrasted with glass or stainless steel.

Measure and shading

There is no standard size for the Washbasin. They jar of an ordinary size for simply washing hands or sufficiently huge to wash hair or any garments.

White shading has commanded the bathroom items since ages. It splendidly coordinates the inside outline and seems spotless and alluring.

Establishment of sink

Washbasins have developed over years and have come up far through their course to rise as one of the essential extravagances of bathrooms. Washbasins can be introduced in different ways. Some are – Pedestal, Console, Countertop, Wall mount sinks, and so forth.

Ledge (over the counter) – None can be superior to a ledge architect accumulation of wash basins. The sink is put on a sitting or a ledge, as a major aspect of your vanity unit. They offer a decent stockpiling, use space, and upgrade your bathroom styling along with best bathroom accessoriesbest bathroom accessories.

Wash bowl with cupboard

The space beneath your washbasin can be used by introducing a bureau. A bureau utilize space all the more effectively and encourages ordinary bathroom operations. They give enough storage room to your towels, toiletries, and different necessities without swarming the bathroom. A Washbasin bureau changes the state of mind of any bathroom. Tweaking washbasin bureau is a fascinating approach to mix your own one of a kind identity into any bathroom.

However, a basic yet very much kept up bureau can regularly do ponders in making a bathroom look a la mode when contrasted with an ineffectively kept up yet solely composed bureau. In this way, it is critical for to consider these variables while selecting bathroom bureau to meet your particular needs. We have scope of fabricated outlines of bathroom cabinets accessible.

Washbasin plans

You will be shocked to realize that washbasin mirrors your way of life and styling. Those wash basins appeared in the films are of extravagance outlines to coordinate the brain science of watchers.

Simply envision your bathroom ledge being obliged with a tasteful, rich and fashioner wash bowl. It will have a colossal effect with your general bathroom planning, impression and styling.