Bathroom sanitary ware suppliers

Best bathroom accessories is the most fundamental piece of each family bathroom, toilets, commercial complex, Hotels, restaurants, and so on. They are not quite recently confined to just a sink to wash hands. 100s of individuals visit your place; a look of your bathroom leaves an enduring impact on your visitor’s psyche. Yes, it is not just about your lobby/room outline.



On the off chance that arranged legitimately, you can upgrade the look of the bathroom and use the bathroom space cleverly.

Diverse sorts of material utilized

Wash basin bathroom can arrive in an assortment of materials. It can be customary ceramics, porcelain, glass, stone and so on.

A standout amongst the most generally utilized materials in Washbasin is ceramic. This conventional material gives a striking and jazzy look to the bathroom wash basin in Kochi. Ceramic wash basin are anything but difficult to spotless, impervious to recoloring, eco-accommodating and furthermore financially savvy.

They are exceptionally strong and dependable. While introducing ‘over the counter’ wash basin, ceramic is anything but difficult to hold when contrasted with glass or stainless steel. Square Deal is an authorized bathroom sanitary ware suppliers of Kohler products in Kochi.

5 Tips for Cost effective Lighting

Saving money on utilities is a very common goal in retail, but did you know you can make a big different through simply changing your light fixtures and lamps? Crompton led lights may seem like a small cost compared to other utilities, but can add up significantly over time.


Likewise, small changes – like these – can make a lasting impact.

1: LED Lighting

The first and most obvious step to save money on commercial retail lighting is using Crompton LED bulbs. LED lighting has received many accolades for its energy efficiency. The light-emitting diodes use very little power, can last for many years and are available in many different formats for a variety of purposes.

The downsides are cost and quality control. You will need to pay high prices upfront for these lamps, so budgeting properly is key. You also need to order from a dependable supplier – low-quality LED lights in Kerala can easily burn out and quickly raise your lighting costs instead of saving you money.

2: Light Sensors

Light sensors are wall panels that can sense movement in a room, a device seen more and more frequently in commercial buildings as a method to save money. With a sensor, lighting is automated in work areas (supply rooms, offices and so on). The lamps only turn on when someone enters a room, and if the sensors don’t detect movement for a minute or so, they turn the lights back off.

It may sound simple, but such an easy fix can also save a significant amount of money month to month if you tend to leave lights on throughout the day. The downside is, again, high installation costs that will need to be properly budgeted.

3: Light Timers

Light sensors don’t always work, especially in retail or restaurant spaces where customers need lights on more or less continually. Here, light timers may be of more help. This allows you to put both inside and outside lights on a strict schedule, turning on and off based on your hours of operation and shifts. Timers add a little bit more control that can be useful for tighter budgeting on utilities.

4: Mirrors

Don’t discount the capabilities of a good mirror or two when planning out your lighting scheme. With their reflecting abilities mirrors can give you a lot more illumination across a room without incurring any extra electricity costs, ever.

Of course, size and placement is key to using mirrors to save on lighting. If you are uncertain where to use mirrors in your space, consider using a lighting designer to help on the details.

5: Windows

Like mirrors, windows aren’t suitable for every space – you will still be constrained by your storefront location. But adding windows where possible is a very effective lighting solution for many retail spaces; since your hours of operation tend to coincide with daylight hours anyway, extra sunlight can help take the place of otherwise expensive floodlights if you use windows properly.

The extra heat may be a concern, however, so remember to use UV protection and films if and where it’s necessary.


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Tips for Small Bathroom


Designing a small bathroom can be tricky as there are no rules of what can or cannot be included. There are many factors that play a part when selecting styles, finishes and colors for your new space. Important elements such as natural light, floor plan layout and height of ceilings all need to be taken in to consideration.


The style of your new small bathroom should be an extension of the existing home and the transition should look seamless. Consider key features and details of the style and era of the home. For example, if you have a period style home, choose specific colours and features that you can bring into your new bathroom. Use this as a jumping point and then add other favorite pieces to blend the look.
Bold features such as black wall tiles, paint color and square deal, the Kohler showroom in Kochi  bench top have have been specifically introduced to this bathroom to reflect the rest of the home built and designed in the art deco period. The vanity is the statement piece and adds a modern yet classical ambiance to the space.


Selecting bathroom furniture and fixtures can be tricky in a small space. Obviously the piece needs to be the correct size but other factors need to be considered also. This is where your bathroom builder can guide you. They will ensure fixtures will not only fit in their designated spots but will also consider the clearance needed for necessary items such as toilet roll holders, towel rails and powerpoint outlets just to name a few. An expert can also recommend space saving options such as frameless sliding shower screens. They are not only practical but being frameless will appear almost invisible making your bathroom feel more spacious.


In small bathrooms it’s a good idea to opt for a wall-mounted sink or pedestal basin. This will save up a lot of space and give the illusion of a bigger floor area. Of course the downside to this style of vanity is storage. If this is a concern, go for a wall mounted vanity that is recessed off the floor. It will give you the storage you need and still create extra floor space.

Small Details – Maximum Impact!

Small bathrooms allow the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and in a small space simple details can make all the difference. The below bathroom is the perfect example of how the designer has added black detail throughout to accentuate specific elements. In this mainly white bathroom the black detail has been carefully considered in the fixtures forming a consistent and harmonious blend between floor and wall.

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Top 10 Reasons why retailers prefer LED Lighting

There are a lot of good reasons that LED lighting is becoming so very attractive to retailers, which range from saving money to increasing sales. If you have delayed making the switch from incandescent lamps and fixtures because you are busy, not sure how to go about it, concerned about the upfront costs and aren’t convinced that making the changes would be worth it, consider asking a lighting designer for advice.

Professionals lighting designers can show you how to upgrade your store lighting to begin reaping the benefits of LED lighting with a reasonable or a gradual outlay of money.

These are some top reasons LED lighting is preferable:

1: Save Money

One of the top reasons LED lighting is so attractive to retailers is because it allows them to save electricity and as a result save money. Compared to incandescent lamps, LED lamps run on one-third the electrical power and, compared to halogen lamps, one thirtieth of the electrical power. After the initial cost of upgrading to LED lighting has been recouped, you can expect 70% or more savings on your former electrical costs.

2: Great Performance

Crompton LED bulbs last 10 times longer than incandescent lamps and 10 to 15 times longer than CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). Retailers also save money by not having to physically replace burnt out lamps.

3: Safety

LED lamps emit little or no UV rays, so the use of the lamps are less harsh to skin and clothes. They don’t flicker, which means they are less damaging to eyesight. They contain no hazardous solids, liquids or gases and can be disposed of with ordinary garbage. They run on low voltage, which increases electrical safety and reduces fire risk, a particular consideration with holiday lighting.

4: Versality

LED lamps are lightweight; they can be used inside and outside, and are brighter than traditional lighting solutions for building exteriors. They don’t emit radio frequency interference; they can be turned on for immediate light with no warm-up time needed; they are dimmable and they produce cold light, which makes them perfect for showcases of goods that need to remain cool such as bakery products.

5: Environmentally Friendly

They help save the environment and our natural resources because they require so much less electricity; disposal is easy because there is no mercury in LEDs and no hazardous waste. They reduce the need for dependence on air conditioning because they remain cool and don’t warm the spaces where they are used.

6: Suitability

Retailers can find the perfect light fixture and lamp and color for every space and every need. Strip lighting and cove lighting are perfect for small, irregular spaces; cool bright lights add sparkle to fine jewels and glassware; dramatic down lights and up lights, warm or cool white or colored lights alter the mood and draw customer attention; and bright vertical uniform lighting is perfect for large areas.

There is LED lighting to make task performance easier, such as change rooms and cashier locations, and well-chosen LED lighting allows the customer to assess color and textures of materials and clothing, as well as make food appear more appetizing and appealing.

7: Resilience

Crompton LED panels are very durable and almost impossible to break, and jarring does not harm them. They are rust proof and fully operational in all kinds of weather, which is important for outdoor lighting.

8: Incandescent Phase Out

In 2012, the USA government passed the law that requires the use of incandescent lamps to be phased out and replaced with LED lamps in order to reduce the use of electricity and the subsequent drain on our natural resources. The deadline for replacement has been extended, but the law is going to be enforced at some point. The import of incandescent lamps from other countries is no longer legal, and retail outlets that continue to use stockpiled incandescent lamps identify themselves as lacking interest in the protection of the environment.

9: Design Impact

Versatile LED lighting can improve your image with up-to-date lighting designs that reinforce your brand identity and appeal to your target market, whether it is the wealthy buyer looking for upscale products, young people looking for the latest trends in everything, health conscious customers, bargain hunters and all the various types of customers.

10: Increased Sales 

Choosing the most appropriate LED lights in Kerala can draw customers into your retail outlet, create a good first impression, guide customers through the store, focus attention on specialty products, make prices and instructions visible and easy to read, appeal to your target market, make merchandise easy to evaluate, assist in making purchase decisions and provide a pleasant and efficient checkout.

Ask a professional for help in making the right lighting decisions. LED lighting will not only save you money and save the environment, but also it is the key to supplying all the necessary elements for a happy shopping experience for your customers, one that will be reflected in increased sales.

Things to be considered while Buying Kohler Bathroom Fittings in Kochi

Bathroom accessories have the ability to visually transform a bathroom space, as well as add functionality and comfort to its users. Ensure that your bathroom looks well put together, by matching the best bathroom fittings with each other, and that they complement the fittings in the room. You’ll save a plenty of time and running around when you choose a single brand like Kohler which offers a huge range of fittings and accessories.


Basic Elements

Every bathroom that’s worth a design effort needs to have the basic eight items: towel rails, bathroom shelves, toilet paper holders, towel rings, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders, and robe hooks. Ask Square Deal Electromechanical your Kohler showroom in Kochi for the complete range of these basic eight products.

Trust the Brand

The reputation of a good brand makes many things work in your favour. It is more so when you want to buy high quality and expensive bathroom fittings or accessories. Established brands spend a lot on solving the user’s most nagging problems and addressing their important needs.  If you have any problem with your Kohler bathroom accessories they might be ready with a solution quickly. It is always better to go with a reputed brand like Kohler instead of a generic, no-name company that might disappear anytime.

Decide Based On Colors

You want your bathroom pleasing. Color plays a huge role in creating the effect you want to create. It could be softer shades, monotone or an active mix of vibrant colors. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with the overall look and feel of the place and the effect you want to deliver.


If you need a little extra for an additional year of warranty, it’s worth paying for. You don’t want to be annoyed with yourself when you get a huge repair bill later on. If it’s your own house and the fittings seller offers a lifetime warranty, consider getting it if you can afford. This will cut down the high replacement costs in the future.

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Benefits of Using LED Panels

You may find out about LED Lights, yet LED Panel Lights… sounds new and something other than what’s expected. Obviously, it is! Driven innovation ends up noticeably famous now and has been utilized generally due to its astounding force sparing, however Crompton LED  lights that utilization to some degree diverse innovation are genuinely new to the market. Notwithstanding this, it is outstandingly making strides for its smooth look, inventive components and additionally outline. This cutting edge kind of lighting installation is intended to supplant regular fluorescent roof lights. Additionally, it would be one of the best lighting alternatives for indoor settings considering its present day plan that gives better enlightenment conditions, adaptability in outline, effective light quality, utilization of incredible material, amazingly long ease of use traverse, profoundly sturdy, distinctive shading choices, and capacity to suit numerous applications, and so forth. With all these solid focuses, you can state that Crompton LED Panel Lights will be without a doubt, the method for what’s to come.


Benefits of LED Panel Lights:

Adaptability in Design:

Driven panel lights are composed such that gives better lighting conditions. Utilizing the most recent in LED innovation, LED panel lights are made of a lightweight aluminum edges and diffuser. The aluminum edge is one of the more vital drove panel light parts, since it is intended to put off light spillage and disseminate warm. In the first place layer holds LEDs, second plate control light and third is for a diffuser. The diffuser is set at front and most unmistakable part. Its capacity is to circulate light consistently over the surface.

The best part is that its outline is extremely adaptable. As LED is a point-like light source, LED lighting creators make utilization of the mix of point, line, and plan to configuration panel lights and remembering client’s necessity, they can configuration LED panels in an assortment of shapes and with various quantities of light source and distinctive particles of light.

Ultra Slim, great warmth scattering:

Driven panel light is super thin, looks straightforward however sleek. Here its side-lighting outline and aluminum outline ensure great warmth scattering. Additionally being outfitted with a warmth sink framework, LED panel lights guarantee abnormal state of wellbeing.

Best Light Quality:

With regards to the nature of the light, as optical material – LED manage plate is utilized as a part of making LED to offer splendid and uniform lighting on associating with a power supply. Here guide plate and diffuser work together to make similarly circulated, wide and delicate lighting. Also, its most recent innovation permits moment begins with no murmuring, gleaming or RF impedance.

Utilize best material for high shine:

It makes utilization of Aluminum, which is the best material for the casing, likewise utilized for the back cover. We realize that LEDs itself are by and large produced using aluminum, arsenic and gallium. Here LED lights in kerala receives a homogeneous light intelligent panel and additionally fixed plan alongside high productivity light guide plate and aluminum compound material, and all these together make the yield light more compelling and shining. Additionally, contamination are added to make free electrons and additionally to build the semiconductor material’s conductivity.

Shading alternatives for the light:

Intriguing part is that such pollution could likewise choose the shade of the light. Thusly, the most loved shading lighting could get without the utilization of a channel. Driven lights can likewise produce white light.

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Kohler Faucets – The proven performance

The plan and enumerating of your bathroom is something that can bring you joy regular; it is not a place for trade off. Kohler offers a rousing broadness and profundity of bathroom faucets, shower and shower applications. Earthenware plate valving and adaptable stainless steel supplies, alongside a variety of styles and complete alternatives, permit mortgage holders to finish their lavatories with certainty. Roused by works of art spreading over hundreds of years and societies, attracted to components of nature and inspired by always developing innovation, Kohler bathroom faucets that frequently surpass the creative ability. These impacts fill in as motivation for breathing life into execution, plan, advancement and workmanship.


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